Backyard Tiki Huts
Your Tiki Hut will be built using top grade pressure treated wood. The thatch roof will be done using the full sable palm fronds grown here in our beautiful state. Tiki Hut thatched roofs are wind and rain resistant and allow hot air to escape providing cool shade. Even with the extreme Florida weather your thatch roof should last 5-8 years.

There are many sizes and shapes of Tiki Huts to choose from to fit any budget. Our work is customized to meet all your needs with a guarantee on workmanship. Our Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars are the ultimate gathering spot to relax, entertain and spend time with family and friends.

That tropical paradise feeling can be as close as your own backyard. Take a look at our photo gallery to get some ideas and see what we can do for you.
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